It isn’t enough to just want to be successful.  You’ve got to ask yourself: “What are you going to do to get the things in life you want?”

Your problem is to bridge the distance which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.  Planning brings your future into the present so you can do something about it now.

Somewhere there is a map of how it can be done.  All you need is a good plan, and the courage to press on to your destination.

A well built house is started with a definite purpose and a set of blueprints.  Your plan should provide the pattern for the actions you’ll take.  Take time each day to study, think and plan.

Plan your steps, then implement your plan, then review your results.  Do this frequently and make the appropriate alterations to your plan, and you’ll develop the power that will bring you to success.

No one was ever lost on a straight road.