You can live your life like a Rhino, or a Cow. It’s all up to you.

A Rhino is a strong animal. Who has endurance to go out and get anything he wants.

A Rhino has thick skin. And doesn’t care one bit when someone says something to squash her dreams or dissuade her from creating a better life.

A Rhino sees opportunity all around, and charges toward his goals.

A Rhino doesn’t stop if she misses her target. She just keeps going until she gets it.

A Rhino blazes his own path, no matter what’s in the way. And never follows “the herd.”

A Rhino is not fine with living like a Cow.

So it does not live like a Cow.

It lives the Rhino Life.

Then there are the Cows…

A Cow just goes with the herd.

A Cow doesn’t do much, but stand there, eat and sleep.

A Cow watches as life passes them by.

A Cow’s life is the same day in and day out.

Because the Cow is fine with that.

Now, do you think you are a Cow, or are you a Rhino?

I’m looking for Rhinos.